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Fictional Character


Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

"Where Muses Fall in Love with Monsters."

Image by Daniel Gregoire
Dark Eternity Book Cover

There is heaven, and there is hell. 

 But what kingdom breathes between death and ever after? 

 Skies shatter, and air convulses. 

 Black feathers dance with ash against the whimper of stars.

His shadow smears over rays of moon and sun. 

Echoes of his feral cries crept into the graves that must remain buried. 

 The Mothman is a monster. 

 A misguided myth. 

 With nowhere else to go. 

 The winged beast isn't welcome here. 

Not when his chaos reeks vengeance for a world no longer loyal.

Wing to wing, wretched wounds leak; our little monster is starving to be tamed. 

Or he will be. 

A goddess would do anything to protect her realm, even if it costs her heaven.

Two Birds One Stone Book Cover
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