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Effect Duet

Effect Duet


Alyeska is a brutal flame that likes to burn me. I swear she needs a cold splash of reality in the deep end to get her out of her vicious moods. Everyone says she can't be that bad, but her torch always seems to be aimed at me. The torment was fun until I needed her help until she was the only one that could understand. The problem with falling in love with your enemy is knowing betrayal comes right after I Love You.

He is begging for redemption, and she is aching for revenge.

Aladden is a trophy guy. He is a winner at every angle, except his asshole, which, lucky for everyone except me, is filled with sarcasm. A jerk does not describe that beautiful-toned man pulling himself out of the water, droplets rippling down his body, making his skin glisten. With a toss of his hair, every woman in the stands was gone for the golden boy. But I wasn't a sheep, sure, Lad was packing some high heat degrees, but he also made my blood boil, my jaw ache as I clenched it, knowing someone like him simply existed. They say fairytales always end with the guy getting the girl, happily ever after, but in reality, sometimes, when your enemy falls from great heights, you are at the bottom, smiling down at them for once. Well, that seems like the perfect ending to our story.

She is pleading to forget; he is fighting for forgiveness.

+18 Mature, Sexual Content. Explicit Scenes and Alcohol and Drug Use.

Trigger Warnings: Mention of eating disorders, death of a parent, opioid addiction.

Effect is Butterfly Effect & Ripple Effect combined into one book.

Effect is a full-length novel, enemies to lovers, sports, and multicultural romance.

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