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Image by Tevei Renvoyé

The Billionaire Vows Series


My power didn’t come from Daddy or Mommy but from the devil herself. 

Savior’s mind is a vault of devious lies. 

A vicious billionaire and notorious sinner. 

The blood on Savior’s hands might be dry, but the dark stains will never be clean. 

Secrets need to remain secure. 

He’ll do the unthinkable when his sister’s reputation is at stake and a marriage contract on his plate. 

There is only one solution: keep his brunette bombshell of a bride, Roux Tanzer, satisfied and unaware. 

His role as a husband will survive if she doesn’t uncover the truth. 

If she does, it might destroy them both. 


 Roux’s torment is a punishment. 

The eldest daughter of the Tanzer corporation once held pristine power. 

But that was before an event wrecked her perfect little world. 

Reclusive and trying to wake from the pain. She agrees to a questionable marriage with the new money-bad boy, Savior Satou. 

All for the sake of reclaiming her identity. 

When terrors come back to taunt her, she’ll stop at nothing to revive the life she always wanted. 

Freedom always comes at a price, even as a wife.  


Marry Power is an angsty arranged marriage billionaire romance.

It contains explicit subjects and profanity. Recommended for mature audiences, please check trigger warnings.


My money didn’t come from daddy or mommy it came from my captors.


Levina Sullivan was taken and held for ransom, vanishing without a trace for years. When she suddenly reappears, her reality is warped. But she soon hears of an opportunity she knows she can’t refuse. Embarking with a proposal, determined to make her childhood pen pal say, “I do.”


Zero Alastor always thought he had wealth, friends, and status - until he stumbled upon the dark truth of his lavish lifestyle. Adopted as the only child to the candy heiress at a young age, Zero has grown up with his three best friends, whom he calls brothers. But when he accidentally marries Levina, the stolen prodigy who vanished years before, he discovers that the sweet, naïve girl he remembered is gone. A dangerous stranger has taken her place. Enemies are coming to collect payment for Levina's neglected promises. Zero must uncover the truth of her past to protect the ones he loves - no matter the cost.

He lost her once, but there won’t ever be a second time.

This is a love story filled with thrilling mystery and captivating romance.


Marry Money is an Accidental Marriage Billionaire Romance.

It contains explicit scenes and profanity. Recommended for mature audiences, please check trigger warnings.

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