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Halftone Cityscape


Welcome to the Chicago Leo
We hope you enjoy your stay, we are about to steal your soul.

- It's a kill or be killed kind of world, beauty queen.-
Will you be the one who survives?- 

Romances filled with Angst

Chicago Leo Book Cover

Come closer as secrets fall from these burgundy stained lips.

If it isn’t drugs, women, or weapons.

What is it, you wonder we trade favors for?

What every man and woman wants, the one thing that drives the human spirit to do the most unspeakable and incredible acts—money. 

Aren't you a little curious why they let a woman become King?

Forgive Me Book Cover

Charvi grew up in a traditional Indian environment in London. When college came into view, she lost all sense of accountability. Until Maquilla came into her life, gracing her with a new sense of presence.

A boy from Alaska; an Inuit with a strong sense of optimism. One of the most brutal forces she ever withstood.

After years of mistakes, can a mother finally be given a chance to make things right?

Thank you Book Cover

They call me psycho and I used to be drenched in sweetness. The Ibarra's stole everything from me. And I couldn't be happier to make friends with their enemy.
A dark satire with an even darker theme. Vengeance tastes so good baby, especially when you are the one pulling the trigger.

Behind Bars Book Cover

The infamous Mutti.
A name challenged by none, especially those who are locked behind bars with her.
Regina Kuzmina, is a notorious outlaw from the Russian mafia. The mother of chaos.
Before she earned her title, she was the mother to Anastasia, Stash as she goes by now.
Regina's one goal was to protect her daughter from her ruthless husband's reign. But even when you turn your back to the snake's head, it doesn't mean you are immune to the poison it infects.

Tortured Truth Book Cover

Every light starts in the dark.

True Mouringdove never thought she would have to face such darkness. Taken against her will, she was held captive for years, her dignity and rights as a mother and wife stolen from her. But True refuses to be defeated. Unwilling to let her captors have the last word, she fights for her freedom, even when it feels like evil is all she will ever know.
This story is not a reenactment of victory and triumph.
But a willingness to continue, under the most wicked of circumstances.
I am here, and I am a survivor.
But that doesn't mean my captors will have the same blessing.


Holy Tuesday Book Cover

Fairytales turn into nightmares in the blink of an eye.
My little sister was the princess in our family. The golden untouchable child.
I thought one day I would find my prince, and I could hold reign as a queen. But I didn't realize I would have to share him with the Empress.
Always the protector.
What happens when the savior is in need of saving?

Barren Mother Book Cover

How far would you go to get what you want? Would you break the law or steal another woman's child? If it gave you the gift you've always wanted, wouldn't you be desperate to have it? No matter the cost, even if the price is your soul.

Wicked Women Book Cover

What happens at the club Curious after the crowd leaves? What happens when the curtains close, and two lonely souls find themselves thrust together battling a bridge between loyalty to the Empress and love for each other?

Yet Book Cover
Sour Diesel Book Cover

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way.

My immigrant parents weren't happy; in fact, they impressed upon me how mortally wounded they were, but they weren't the first to betray me.
Soon I went from a homeless teenager to a blunt goddess creating wonders from those seven leaf beauties.
What was wrong with providing a life-changing smoke sensation?

We all wanted to solve the ache deep inside us, and within this world, I discovered myself.

Momma Justice Book Cover

Lawrence is off-limits, in more ways than the prison bars holding him back.
From the second I saw him I knew I would break every rule to keep him.
The taste of trouble is a darkness I have never experienced before.
Keeping things confidential is what I do best, especially dating a convict, which turns our love affair classified. Trying my best to conceal my feelings but there is no denying the way a man like Lawrence boils my blood and I finally feel alive.

Prized Jewel Book Cover

It gets boring behaving all the time, rebellion never tasted as good as Zayd, the billionaire from Dubai.

A man Gemma can't seem to get over, and one she hopes will never get over her.

Beauty Queen Killer Book Cover

You've read the news, heard the rumors. But what is the truth behind the one sole survivor of the beauty pageant massacre?
Natalie isn't your typical community college girl. She is in it to win it, even if it causes a few casualties along the way.

We all have the opportunity to influence others

Our choices can save lives or break them.

What would you do, if it was up to you?

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