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Butterfly Effect & Ripple Effect Duet

Butterfly Effect Book Cover
Can love heal this broken hero?


Butterfly Effect

He is begging for redemption,

she is aching for revenge.
He isn't the answer to my prayers. Even if half the student body on campus believes he is a gift from God and a Greek statue body to make matters worse.
The word enemies doesn't deserve the delicious description for the tension between us. Make no mistake there is no love here.
Aladdin "Lad" Lorenzo, my personal curse since high school. You would think a new territory would cause disruption in the social ladder but he wears a crown on a national level.
Too bad I'm not the shy girl who gave up her virginity on graduation night.
Tragedy beat the innocence out of me. Now all that remains is a sarcastic woman seething vengeance, ready to claim a name of her own.



Ripple Effect

She is pleading to forget;

I am fighting for forgiveness.

She is the answer to my prayers, a promise I never knew worth keeping. She doesn't believe in me; the world wronged her, and I was among those to blame.

Alyeska "Aly" Suzuni, my beautiful nemesis, came to take away the perfect record and force me to bow my head at the consequences. I thought I could escape the secrets and keep them hidden long enough to not cause a ripple.

But my medals hang heavy around my neck, and the podium seems taller than I remember. If I fall from this height, will I survive if Aly won't stand by my side?

There is love. There has to be; no matter what she says, I won't take it for granted. I may have been at the center of her tragedy, but the only thing left is a lost man holding out his broken heart with her name carved onto it.

Aly refuses my apologies, but no matter how deep the water gets or how long you have to tread water, if the chill makes your limbs grow frigid. You keep moving and making waves because hope has been lost when you stop, and it has to be rediscovered every time.

I'm no longer promising her; I am begging to make amends.

The trials I face ahead aren't worth losing her all over again. This time I am the one willing to sacrifice everything to gain credibility back if it means she'll give me one more day.

Ripple Effect Book Cover
Can love heal a tattered soul?
Effect Book Cover
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