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The books in this collection are unrelated but hold significant themes. As to why they stand together in a series. Some second chances worth remembering, an enviable reunion of love and heartache. In these books, the heroines find strength and evolve into wonders.
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I can tell you the color of the sea in Cyprus.

Show you what outdoor showers in Vietnam are suitable for, especially under the stars in a rainstorm.

Describe the sounds of a hungry crocodile in the Everglades National Park. 

But what I can't figure out is why the woman I love won't forgive me for breaking her heart. Years have taught us we aren't just a one-night stand, a stranger in a parking lot. 

No. What Phoebe and I have is worth dedicating decades for.   

Adventure brings them together; love brings them back alive. A broken heart or two along the way. What two people do, is to make sure they survive. 

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People called us forever sweethearts because we started our love story long before high school.
Love can bring new life and resurrect old flames. But sometimes love can turn destructive, but it all starts with a smudge of a kiss. A woman in love with a man, and a man breaking inside his own mind. The two clash trying to contain the chaos, words written and discarded. This is the tale, of twin flames burning to survive.

Dear Lesbian Jesus, may I call you LJ?

It's me, Cameron Monroe.

Are you trying to screw with me? Is Cooper King a test? Because I fail entirely and absolutely beyond straight girl recognition.

Dear Vagina Goddess, formerly known as VG the DJ.

Take pity on my soul. I know my reputation isn't the best. But I swear it was all fun; nobody got hurt until Cameron came along. Being every bit adorable and my ultimate weakness.

Forgive me for saying this, but I can smell her innocence from here, and I bet she tastes even sweeter.


True love is out there; here is hoping, She'll Find Me.

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There were mistakes we all made, consequences none of us could take back.
Years pass and the wonder of regret determines whom we've become and whom we let go of.

How does a girl grow into a woman looking for a second chance at her first love?

Choice is a standalone romance with the themes of friends to lovers, second chance new adult romance.

Laikyn Meng (Book Cover) (1).jpg
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I never believed Alma when she said this was the last love song she would ever write, but lyrics like hers make our love iconic, even while watching her soul fade.


Before we were big names, we fell in love's chaos, and I chose our secret vows over her.

It all started with a song, and I knew eventually it had to end with one as well.

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One moment was all it took. A long string of seconds where eye contact wasn't important it was the trust between them. Troye was my teacher, I wasn't looking to fool around with him. Boys, guys, men, they weren't on my radar. I wasn't perking up for their attention every morning. But after the first words, it was as if fate promised us a world where we both could be free. And I first recognized the feeling of lust when he spoke my name.

Now we are chasing down the drug called love until there is nothing left but the high.

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