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A Family Drama Series

Welcome to the world of redeeming affection and vindicating self-awareness: twisted heartbeats and ruthless family ties. The last name Krause will make you cross off your list of loves.

- Knox Krause- 

Minder Book Cover

She doesn't hear me…
And her ears aren't the problem, not anymore.
I can feel Olallie everywhere, the minute she walks through the halls, looking like a lost beauty queen contestant. A loud static rumbles through my chest, and it makes me angry; a stranger can make me react, make me pause. Especially when the person is her, a tiny angel who's lost her wings.

Morosis Book Cover

I wasn't from the wrong side of the tracks. It was because of me that there was a wrong side.

My children may have respected our name, held it with pride. But without me, there would be no name that deserved protection.

We all die someday, mine hasn't come yet. I may have failed the ones who fell victim to life's cruel lessons. But I was about to avenge every wrongdoing. Karma was going to learn some strategies from the king.

Promise Me Never Book Cover

"Tell me it wasn’t just butterflies and bullshit."

Loyalty between true love formed iron-clad restrictions. A guaranteed agreement, at least for now.

Both perspectives tricked, caught amid a hoax by their closest candidate. Off with the masks for the final reckoning. When the truth becomes the cure, everybody catches a lie, instigating an epidemic.

Metanoia Book Cover

First loves weren't meant to strip you bare and leave you for dead.

Calhoun's life has been burdened by loyalty. To his father, to the family name, to his twin Kalonie. But another secret is being kept quiet, a passion that has proven to be even more poisonous.

As a second love approaches, Calhoun struggles to understand if it's his guiding light or the final nail in the coffin.

Miffed Book Cover

Do you think a person deserves forgiveness?
Before lighting your torches or throwing sharp stones,
You should know my side of the story.
They called me evil, ruthless, sometimes the sparkled definition of a sociopath. I was, in fact, a terror to society, no denying that title. The pain becomes a lesson, a practice run. My body was too hostile for any saint to survive.

Muffle Book Cover

One life for another; a mother's for her daughter's.
A chilling sacrifice, proven to twist deeper wounds.

I was born into its presence, and I died within its arms.

One final exhale, starving to witness a few more seconds of my first and last love.
Do you ever wonder if your whole life is a build-up of one moment?

Merit Book Cover
Mused Book Cover

I thought losing my buddies in battle would blind my humility. But then I met Luna, and she forced my eyes open. There was a bright sky above us.
Waited my whole life to belong to something meaningful. It wasn't the family I was born in, or the army unit I signed up for.
Luna and Olallie Lovett were the shocks that made my heart race. They were the early morning whispers of hope. Small giggles between quiet lips. Hushed solitude against common ailments.

Magnetic Book Cover
Memoriter Book Cover

I silently begged for attention from my closest friend. He was the moon, the gravity to which I was a slave too, and the constellation I wanted to belong to every night.
Am I weak for wanting my first love to last forever?

Leonie Krause has obsessions. First, it was with words, then facts, and then the most passionate subject came to light.

With absolute certainty, she knew that she loved Dawson Arzola since she learned how to speak. 

Didn't We Say Forever? Book Cover

Sometimes we don't get a say in what love we fall victim to; we have to trust that it is true.

"I Promise."

We vowed forever too many times that over the last two years, the word faded meaning.

Our adolescent heartbeats reached a fatal foretelling from life's cruel realities.

Matrimony Book Cover

I tucked jealousy in my pocket for far too long.

Telling myself, it was easier to bite my tongue and get over it instead of the busted knuckles' worth of backlash.

Olallie deserved better than a best friend.
And I deserve better than playing second best.

She is his favorite sin.
He is her favorite verse.
Both battle the attraction as long as they can before everyone they love becomes collateral damage.
They've found every second to be together. Secrets meetings, goodnight greetings.
When one steps into the spotlight will they ever be the same?

Malee and Mateo are inevitable. They have been fused together by unlucky circumstances. While Malee is always a hopeless romantic, Mateo knocks them back to reality. A desperate love story, pulling them through adulthood. When two people are meant to be, they fight like hell to discover themselves before it is too late.




Mentor Book Cover

The alpha good guy, ready to make the bad girl behave.
A loyal friend to the crime king, Knox Krause, Patch is more than a decorated detective, devoted father, and husband. Always the good guy, a man you could count on time and time again. But under the uniform are scars, secrets, and even worse his bad desires. You heard from him in Minder as Lawson's true father, in Morosis as Knox's second-hand man. But who is the man behind the badge? Only one woman really knows and it isn't his wife.

Mischief Book Cover

There is so much to make up for and beg forgiveness back home, and it is all waiting for us when we arrive. I expect punches to be thrown and curse words to be carved on our backs. What will happen when the one person you need to accept is yourself is you, but you have been taught to not trust that person? Because they have been deemed less, than society standards.

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