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Image by Jacalyn Beales


Broken Bonds Book Cover

I never thought I would fall in love in the wake of my sister's demise.

But there we were, fantasizing about a tomorrow I foolishly didn't believe I deserved.

Jenkins pushed me to the edge, catered to the destruction I would rather have hold my hand. He was a beam of arrogant light, and I was the illusion of a shadow.

"We can't pretend anymore, AJ. We have to stop suffering eventually. I promise I will catch you when you decide to live again."

Lost Salute Book Cover

He was a temptation I didn't want to have.
There was something addictive about tainting innocence, scorching it with his brand. Corrupting the wide-eyed virgins made his nights bearable.

The past destroyed their energy to hope, to endure through faith. Sometimes in soul mates, you have to bow down to the other to become better. When Briggs and Trae Lei unite, the sadness begins to shatter, and the scars begin to fade. This love story brings temperatures to rise and the heart to know acceptance. 

How do you convince the one you've always loved, they are made for you?

Noah Adler is a scholar with the strict motivation of succeeding. No matter the trials his family faces or his first love.

Laney Rhodes is a rare beauty; she surfs waves, the only sense of freedom. 

♥First loves, you hope, will last forever even if they hurt like hell. Love gets confusing when you begin to create another.♥

Sacrificing Lovers Book Cover

Tiny cracks break open the truth. Can each of them survive the bumpy road? 

When it comes to salvaging their tawdry connection, family bonds sanctioned by unbreakable vows in the years that kept them together.

It’s all worth it because we were able to be here finally with one another and live with gratitude and appreciate the darkness to enjoy the light. Sometimes the star that burns us the most is the one that keeps us warm, even when it blinds us. 

Souvenir Souls Book Cover
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