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"This book is everything and more I could ask for first of all the diversity in this book is what sold me because while reading I could understand everything that Phoebe when through. I simply can’t let this book go because I felt loved and wanted while reading this book I love this authors work and would definitely recommend this book to everyone I know because this book is absolutely amazing."

-Goodreads Review

Adventure brings them together; love brings them back alive. A broken heart or two along the way. What two people do, is to make sure they survive.


You can only have one true love, and they will fight against themselves to deserve it.


National Parks is a contemporary love story told over a decade of different landscapes. Phoebe is an Asian American, while Kenzo (Enzo) is an Asian/African American. Both characters are in love but pull apart to remain solitary. They travel the world and bring memories of their affection. They continue to devastate and devote each other for what seems like forever. In this multicultural second-chance romance, you are given the heartache of want and the satisfaction of closure.

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"National Parks is a book about love, heartbreak, adventure, and getting to know yourself. It was filled with angst and emotion and just so raw. Tears welled up in my eyes so many times. It was BEAUTIFUL. I can’t believe I slept on this book."


Overall, "National Parks" is a touching and beautifully crafted love story that will resonate with fans of contemporary romance. With its compelling characters, lush descriptions, and a narrative that captures the essence of love's enduring nature, this book offers a heartfelt exploration of the emotional journey that comes with finding, losing, and ultimately cherishing true love. It's a story that reminds us that love, no matter how complicated or challenging, is always worth the journey.


"National Parks" is an emotionally evocative and beautifully written contemporary love story that spans a decade of adventure, self-discovery, and enduring affection. With its compelling characters, vivid landscapes, and a narrative that explores the complexities of love and forgiveness, this book offers a poignant and heartfelt exploration of the enduring power of true love."

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