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All Femme Fatale Books can be read as Standalones.

How far would you go to get what you want? Would you break the law or steal another woman's child? If it gave you the gift you've always wanted, wouldn't you be desperate to have it? No matter the cost, even if the price is your soul.

Lovina and Jethro were raised to believe God had a plan for them, no matter the defects. It is hard to put your trust in a savior when He has punished you for giving in to temptation too many times before. Their Amish community is based on uplifting them to be chaste and resilient. But the more days go on, their faith can't keep them calm.

Lovina cannot get pregnant, and a doctor confirms her worst fear; infertile. Jethro doesn't care, either way, he loves his wife and the embracement of his own secret rebellion. An unspeakable weight hangs on Lovina, for not being able to provide her body with a baby and her husband with a child. Her community already looks at them like they are outcasts, this will be another stone to add to their graves.

What do you do to make your problems disappear? When a chance meeting pairs an unlikely crime queen of Las Vegas with an Amish couple from Pennsylvania, there might be hope to acquire Lovina's most prized dream; becoming a mother.
Through the depths of darkness, Lovina and Jethro persuade one another to lean over the edge, while a ruthless empress whisper in their ears. Their devotion to the Amish strict structure will be tested.

Are two people condemned to settle, or will wishes come true if you simply ask the devil?

Barren Mother is the 8th book in the Femme Fatale series, A Dark Suspenseful Amish Romance.
18+ Mature Content, Explicit Language and Sexual Scenes, Abuse, and Violence.

Barren Mother

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