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The infamous Mutti.
A name challenged by none, especially those who are locked behind bars with her.

Regina Kuzmina, a notorious outlaw from the Russian mafia. The mother of chaos.
Before she earned her title, she was the mother to Anastasia, Stash as she goes by now.
Regina's one goal was to protect her daughter from her ruthless husband's reign. But even when you turn your back to the snake's head, it doesn't mean you are immune to the poison it infects.

Tatum had a secret obsession. He didn't speak it out loud, but he still lusted after the woman who was confined to a penitentiary in Broken Axe, Oklahoma. Years had been spent going over every detail of this woman's life and finally, she had agreed to meet with him. He was finally getting his chance to meet the one woman who lived against the notorious murderer, Konstantin, the crusader; her husband.

Behind Bars is an age gap, older woman / younger man, Multicultural Romance,
18+ Mature Sexual Content, Explicit Language, Alcohol and Drug Use, Violence, Domestic Abuse.

Be advised the female main character is in prison for the duration of this book.

Behind Bars

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