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Iconic: The Last Love Song

Iconic: The Last Love Song

Rating is 0.0 out of five stars based on reviews

Before we were big names, we fell into the chaos of love, and I chose our secret vows over her.

It all started with a song, and I knew eventually it had to end with one as well.


Loyal Luxley

I can hear the deafening thunder of the crowd the first time the woman of my dreams walked out on stage.

Lottie isn’t to be blamed for what happened, not America’s sweetheart.

No, I wrote the greatest love songs, all envious words by my shortcomings.

When Alma Wyatt became Lottie Lovell, the world went crazy, but I was the first to fall in love.

It started with a few lost lyrics, but I knew they found their true home when she sang them.

In her voice, with my words, I discovered the real magic of making music.

Alma Wyatt (Lottie Lovell)

They called him a saint, the second coming for the music industry.

It wasn’t his fault; I walked out on that stage with my own two feet.

But that spot under the headliner light was never mine. It always belonged to him.

He wanted to be a star; I wanted to find my soul.

Our love boomed record sales, concert tickets, and a public slow-burn of lust-filled wishes.

Until he stole our sacred words and shared them with the world.


♥We were destined to be together.♥

Lottie & Loyal, we wish we knew that before everything became a one-hit-wonder.


ICONIC: The Last Love Song is an angsty Rockstar romance.

18+ Mature Content, Explicit Language and Sexual Scenes, Abuse, and Violence.
TW: Scenes involving assault, self-harm and suicide are discussed.

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  • Reviews

    Five Star Review: Laikyn Meng's mastery of conflict, tension, and timing along with flawless characterization and sexual attraction turn ICONIC into a unique and entrancing romance that touches the heart deeper than most.


    Four Star Review: Lux is a rising rockstar and he’s just met the love of his life. I’m finding this story a little difficult because of the many characters involved. Alma is not a run away, but is a damaged soul. Lux and his brother were raised in foster care, more damage. Lux is twenty-one years old but acts much younger, or maybe he’s mentally challenged. At this point I just don’t know. This story is not happy or fun, it’s kind of dark. I don’t know where this story is headed and I’m forty percent into this story. The story is beautifully written and it feels like poetry. The thoughts going through their heads are deep, I just wish there was more showing and less telling. Also Lux and his brother had a sad childhood but we don’t know much about it so when he’s thinking about his pain, we don’t know what that was. The ending was good, I’m giving it four stars and I recommend it.


    Four Star Review: If you are looking for a facile, happy read, this is not the book for you. This is not a simple romance. This is literature. Characters are layered. Serious issues are confronted and discussed. The characters make choices that carry an impact. The story has betrayal and acceptance, love and love of fame. Alma must learn to love and stand up for herself, while Loyal has to learn what’s real and what’s important. The characters grew and changed. The triggers were tough to deal with.
    This was a tough book to read. But I’m glad I did. The ending felt a bit rushed, but that’s my only complaint.


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