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Gemma Young is a good girl. She gets straight A's in college and comes home for Sunday dinners. Gemma makes her parents proud. But what the people closest to Gemma don't know is she has a secret, a despicable secret, that only the Empress of the Chicago Leo knows.

It was only a few times, but then the craving became more. It wasn't the money or jewels that attracted her to the job, it was the thrill of getting into trouble, and getting caught that made every trip across international lines so worth the risk. Especially when a chance encounter brings you face to face with the most sought-after bachelor in the United Arab Emirates.

Zayd Noorani is despicably handsome, with features so dark the son of God himself would be jealous. He had many obsessions and it looks like Gemma just became one of his favorites. He is a man who gets what he wants, and no one tells the spark of the city no. Not even a woman with a secret straining to survive with the elites in Dubai.

It gets boring behaving all the time, rebellion never tasted as good as Zayd, the billionaire from Dubai. A man Gemma can't seem to get over, and one she hopes will never get over her.

Prized Jewel is a Dark Romance Billionaire meets Virgin. It has multicultural characters.
18+ Mature Sexual Content, Explicit Language, Alcohol Use, Violence.
Religious Abuse

Prized Jewel

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